We all have a PURPOSE.

Mine is SHARING knowledge.

In line with the new business environment and aiming to be effective in what I am dedicated myself to doing, following the trend of collaborative economics, I decided to rethink the way of doing business. We are experiencing the growth of this new economy, which, aligned with the arrival of new technologies, is proposing a radical change for the world. In this context, I intend to use all the knowledge acquired throughout these 28 years of practical experience of the Law and apply it in a shared and collaborative way.

The world is living in the age of complexity. And in a legislative landscape of frequent changes, the market has become more competitive and sophisticated, requiring lawyers to be increasingly prepared. The Legal Professional needs to be ready to handle various situations and new requirements in a short period of time, adopting an ever-growing collaborative profile, within a proactive and effective network environment.

It is a new business model, which aims to contribute to economic success, generating a major transformation in the administrative model proposed by law firms.


LEGAL MENTORING aims to broaden the horizons of legal practice, sharing knowledge and experience.

We have to be bolder, more flexible and more and more effective.

The relationship with clients has changed. It is time to get rid of the old formats of companies and businesses, and learn to generate value in a collaborative way, this being the best opportunity to legitimize the business activity. In order to generate shared value, not just profit, we contribute to innovation, providing productivity growth in the global economy.



  • M.Sc. in Civil Procedural Law
  • PhD student in Economic Law
  • 25 years of experience as a founding partner of one of the most recognized firms in São Paulo, with offices in 3 other cities in Brazil
  • 3 books and numerous articles published
  • 3 Awards won in recognition of this effort


  • Tax law
  • Tax Judicial Litigation
  • Tax Administrative Litigation
  • Corporate Law / Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Law

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